About Us

The Children’s Hearings Improvement Partnership  – working together, sharing ideas and co-ordinating our efforts to improve services for children and young people.

CHIP Minutes

All the latest minutes from CHIP meetings will be posted on the website once they are approved. If you have any questions about the minutes, please get in touch.

About the CHIP

The CHIP is built on partnership and co-operation – within a defined set of roles, duties and obligations. Bringing these key interests together – with a focus on delivering change and improvement – is core to the CHIP.

Our Members

The CHIP is a multi-agency group chaired and co-ordinated by the Scottish Government. It brings together partners from across the Hearings System.

Our Workstreams

The CHIP has agreed four key programmes for the year ahead focusing on making continued improvements to the Children’s Hearings System.

Generating Evidence and Promoting Improvement

The Group discuss recent Hearings-related research and agreed that research findings had not been shared effectively

Learning and Development in the Hearings System

Training and learning are key components to ensuring a cohesive, well-functioning Children’s Hearings System.

Permanence Workstream

The Permanence Workstream aims to take forward a review of the legislation surrounding permanence proceedings and to consider the impact of the SCRA permanence research.

GIRFEC Workstream

Enabling improvements within the Children’s Hearings System, and so promote greater cohesion between GIRFEC and Children’s Hearings to ensure they are part of the same process of assessment and decision making
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