A new research reportThe Next Steps towards Better Hearings’ has been published today.

The report has been produced by the Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration (SCRA) on behalf of the CHIP. The report is the response to long standing concerns raised by children, young people and professionals about the experience of children and young people within the Hearings System.

The report is a combination of literature review and new research involving key professionals across the country. The document contains draft expectations or standards which all partners will collectively aspire to work towards.

Neil Hunter, SCRA’s Principal Reporter explained: “This report is the beginning of a process that will hopefully result in real change for children and young people within the Children’s Hearings System.

“The report cannot be viewed as definitive at this point, rather a point of reference as we work towards improvement. The next steps will involve distilling what is possible in the short term and what will require more fundamental changes in either policy or legislation and resource in the longer term.”

This report has its origins within the Tripartite Group (which consists of SCRA, Children’s Hearings Scotland and Social Work Scotland) and has been supported by the CHIP. The Tripartite Group will now look at implementation of key elements of this report

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