Learning and Development in the Hearings System

Training and learning are key components to ensuring a cohesive, well-functioning Children’s Hearings System. Shared knowledge of roles within the system, as well as learning together, creates this cohesion and increased efficacy, quality of experience and delivery of the outcomes we seek for children and young people.

This work stream will focus on:-

  • Improving specific training on the Children’s Hearings System within agencies such as the NHS, Scottish Courts and others, leading to an increased awareness of the purpose and function of the system within those agencies (and how it can help us achieve our shared objectives).
  • Secure suitable, timely, and evidence informed joint training opportunities across all partners, including the panel community.
  • Ensure that all training feeds and leads to effective practice development and quality, which can be simply but accurately measured across the Hearings System.
  • Ensure that the Children’s Hearings System is a core part of the training that will be delivered to Named Persons under the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014.
  • Develop comprehensive practice guidance for all professionals involved in the Hearings System that is effectively implemented.
  • Ensure that front and centre of all professional learning, the voice of the child is captured and drives the improvement and delivery agenda.

CHAIR: Joanne McMeeking (CELCIS) joanne.mcmeeking@strath.ac.uk

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