Getting it right for the hearings system workstream

GIRFEC’s common language and identified aims is a framework for enabling improvements within the Children’s Hearings System, and so promote greater cohesion between GIRFEC and Children’s Hearings to ensure they are part of the same process of assessment and decision making.

As such, identified areas for possible further exploration include:

  • Strengthening  the understanding  of the  criteria for referral to the reporter  across all agencies, including Police Scotland and the Justice system, in line with the wellbeing indicators. This should include focus on the purpose of a referral as the move from voluntary to compulsory measures.
  • The use of the Child’s Plan, and its suitability for use and adaptation during a Hearing.
  • The development of a national approach to information sharing in respect of the roles of the named person , lead professional and reporter and ensuring there is clarity as to their respective responsibilities within the hearing system

CHAIR: Malcolm Schaffer (SCRA)

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