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The role of Education

School staff are regularly asked to provide information to the Children’s Reporter and may also be invited to attend Hearings.   This is usually part of the role of promoted staff in primary and secondary schools.  In secondary schools it is generally the responsibility of teachers employed in the field of Guidance and Pupil Support or senior leaders to liaise with the Children’s Reporter.

You might not realise, but anyone can make a referral, including concerned relatives or neighbours, and we do get referrals from schools.  If you are a teacher and concerned about a child or young person, you should first consult and follow your Local Authority guidelines and procedures.  This should provide details on the referral process.  This will usually only be suggested after other local supports and strategies have been fully explored.  A referral is made in writing by the school to the Reporter detailing concerns.  Details for local Reporter offices are available in the Contact Us section of SCRA’s website.

If the Reporter receives a referral about a child or young person in your school, they are likely to contact the Headteacher for further information as part of their wider investigation.  They might ask about the child or young person’s attendance at school, their behaviour and whether outside influences are impacting on their schooling.  If required, the Headteacher may ask other members of school staff to contribute to the preparation of the report.

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