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Residential care homes offer young people (usually of secondary school age) a safe place to live away from their families. These establishments provide accommodation, support and in some cases education. 

Children and young people who use residential child care services live in a home or visit for respite where they receive care and support.  Staff help children and young people using the services in their daily lives. 

A residential child care staff member will support a child or young person before and after their Children’s Hearing.  They can help them to understand the reasons they have been asked to go to the Hearing, they may prepare a short report on how the young person has been doing in their day to day life and will go over this with the young person before they go to their Hearing. 

 At the Hearing that staff member can encourage and support the young person to have a say and can help them to understand what is happening, including any decisions that have been made about them.

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