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All of us in our individual roles make up the Hearings System. Our respect for children and young people and their needs and rights demands a mutual respect and understanding for each other in how we do our work both individually and collectively.

Without this respect and understanding we risk failing children and young people by not promoting at every turn values and behaviours that will make the Hearings System and all its processes the best experience and outcome it can be for children and young people.

By not attending to this agenda of respect and understanding we risk the Hearings System becoming an environment characterised by acrimony and negative behaviours, where tensions are played out in the Hearing room in front of children, young people and their families.

It is vitally important that different views and perspectives are expressed in the decision making process. This is a key strength of the Hearings System, which will lead to the best possible decisions for children and young people.

All of us who have a formal role in the Hearings System will promote respect for each other, gain an understanding of each other’s responsibilities and functions and will discharge their duties in a moderate and reasonable way.

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