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Module 3 – Online Training Event 

What happens next – preparation for the training event

  • The training event will take 2 hours and will be an online event.
  • Please make sure you have this training event in your calendar – you will have been given a date for the training when you signed up for the course and got your passwords for the online modules 1 & 2. 
  • Make sure you have some space to engage with the event – which will be a safe place to practice skills within a ‘mock’ children’s hearing scenario, based on one of the family studies you have just completed. 
  • The last page of your workbook has a 1 page diagram of the decision making in a children’s hearing – it is for information / reference and may be useful when you come to the event. If you have any questions about the process please come with them as there will be some time to answer questions at the opening of the event.

The online event will be structured around 3 parts:

Part 1
We will begin with any questions and a general discussion about the difficulties / barriers / experiences that people have had at a children’s hearing.

Part 2
A ‘mock’ hearing for one of the five families. This will NOT be a full mock hearing, rather it is focussed on a social worker explaining the views of the child; making their recommendation and giving reasons for their recommendation. Each social worker will be questioned by other ‘people’ within the hearing when they are presenting ‘views’ and their recommendation & reasons. The hearing will conclude with making a children’s hearing decision. 

Part 3
30 minutes facilitated de-brief, discussion and summation: 

1.  what are your thoughts about the virtual hearing?
2.  what works and what doesn’t?
3.  what are the three key things you will ‘takeaway’ from the virtual hearing experience and use in preparing for hearings in the future?
4.  what is your advice to someone preparing a Children’s Hearing report for the first time?
5.  what is your advice to someone who is speaking to a Children’s Hearing report for the first time?

The event co-ordinator will then sum up the 2 hours and the learning points from the event. 

Your feedback

After the training event you will be asked to evaluate the training.

Please could you provide your feedback on Module 1 and 2 using the online survey when you finish the modules.  You can access the survey below by clicking on the button.

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