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Module 2

Making and Justifying Recommendations

The Family Studies

Training Time: 90 minutes

There are five separate family studies for this module. You are asked to do the same thing for each family.

One of the family studies will be used on the day of the training event and you will need your preparation from this module.

The preparation you do, will be stored in your Making and Justifying Recommendations Workbook, along with your notes from Module 1. It should be a useful reference for you after the training.

Case studies

There are five case studies, for each one we would like you to consider:

1.  Are there points in the chronology where more formal intervention should have been considered? Explain when and why.

2.  What is your recommendation to the panel and what are your reasons for this recommendation?

3.  What will you do to gather the child’s views?

4.  How will you present the child’s views to the Children’s Hearing?

1 – The Smith Family

3 – The Grant Family

4 – Declan Jones

2 – The Ferguson Family

4 – The Heriot Family

What happens next – preparation for the training event

This module ends with some information about the training event and the best ways to prepare for that.

After the training event you will be asked to feedback on the event.

Please could you provide your feedback on Module 1 and 2 using the online survey when you finish the modules.  You can access the survey here.

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